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AllGoodJunkies Go2Heaven

AllGoodJunkies Go2Heaven

Ayyye herez Jonny! ☠KitCoon lifestyle☠ Left Handed Bandit, Aquarius.
From Brooklyn, NYC Ninja. In2 Pretty Curvy Bittys, Skateshit, LSD, THC, Photography. Abstract Art n Raw love. Adventures/Trouble, Setting fires, Hella Progressive, but im prob not ya pops :/


Milly Spring 2013 NYFW

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 ’Mukashi Mukashi’ & ‘A New Tenant’

I was asked to contribute to the Heroes in A Half Shell: A TMNT Tribute Exhibition for Gallery Nucleus, which will be opening this Saturday.

I thought it would be fun to show Splinter and crew with Shredder’s vanquished helmet, only kicking it back to the feudal age of Japan it’s based off of. No mutations and a samurai helmet.

I grew up with the 90’s TMNT and finding out that the new Krang was no longer the campy robot kangaroo pouch with alien brain baby left me nostalgic. It felt like Krang had left his out dated model back in ‘87 for a shiny new ride, and I couldn’t help thinking it’s probably still sitting around somewhere collecting dust, overgrown with plants.

Sachin Teng is one of our favorite artists right now, hands down.  Keep up the awesome work!  

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Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.


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There is a magnificent new militancy within the Negro community all across this nation. And I
welcome this as a marvelous development. The Negro of America is saying he’s determined to
be free and he is militant enough to stand up.
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