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AllGoodJunkies Go2Heaven

AllGoodJunkies Go2Heaven

Ayyye herez Jonny! ☠KitCoon lifestyle☠ Left Handed Bandit, Aquarius.
From Brooklyn, NYC Ninja. In2 Pretty Curvy Bittys, Skateshit, LSD, THC, Photography. Abstract Art n Raw love. Adventures/Trouble, Setting fires, Hella Progressive, but im prob not ya pops :/



Round Of Applause 

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#tbt to Peter Coffin’s Untitled (Sculpture Silhouettes), October 2009 at City Hall Park. 

The Sculpture Silhouettes refer to timeless icons drawn from the history of art. In transforming famous works of art into flattened silhouettes, devoid of their original volume, Coffin engages the viewer to reflect and expand upon the associations evoked by each form. - See more at

It Feels Sooooo Good

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How Two Of MY Ex Girls Both Just Have A Second Baby with my Ex Homboys?

Still Kid-Free haha That shit Cray

*takes a shit at the club*

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Be me and my boyfriend girlfriend please.

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